Simplicity – the art of maximizing the amount of work not done –
is essential.

Agile Principle

It’s a little confusing, but its true anyway: the less effort we apply to obtain something, the more efficient we get. And probably that saving we get in effort (and probably in money as well) we will be able to apply in some other important things that add real value (Lean Principle).

All of us that conform itera, we understand this clearly and before asking ourselves WHAT to do, we always ask ourselves WHY. And that makes all the difference when stating the HOW we will make it in the most efficient way.

This way we ideate solutions tailored to the objectives, the reality and the moment that our client is living. We have the mindset, the vision, the capabilities and the experience to sufficiently guide and facilitate such solutions in the organizations. We walk away from any fundamentalism, to focus ourselves on the pragmatic, the value we are about to add.

This we have obtained through years of working for small companies, medium enterprises and large corporations, learning in all types of roles we have played, in all type of challenges we have faced, serving in many countries to clients in many countries. We have a global culture.

We understand that technology is not a end for itself, but an incredible mean or tool for higher purposes, often for the businesses, always for the organizations and the society. We want a better world and we want to contribute by disseminating a new and different mindset, that away from becoming a dogma, helps individuals, teams and organizations to look for their own mindsets capable to evolve all time.

And that mindset is centered on people, as clients or team members, and the strong believe that the only constant thing is change. Change that we welcome, change that we don’t fear as it help us to evolve, to learn.

We do not exist for profit, however we are sustainable in order to be able to do what we love: serve, help, solve, liberate, enable, facilitate.

It’s right. It’s just as we said before: at itera we have the mindset, the vision, the capabilities and the experience to help you.

Tell us in what. Side by side with you we will think why and then for sure we will find how.

We are itera consulting.


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