Regularly, the team reflects on how to become more effective, and adjusts accordingly

Agile Principle of Continuos Improvement

Ok, so you are doing agility but you’re asking yourself… ¿What now?

The answer is simple but requires being able to develop the ability to continually and consistently assess where you are so you can project where you want to be. Probably until now your teams have been doing Tactical Retrospectives and its time to start doing also Strategic Retrospectives from time to time…

AgilityHealth℠ Radars allow your organization to measure your agile maturity levels on a periodic way  at all levels and from all perspectives (technical, as a team, from your portfolio, etc) in a holistic, integrated and visual way, providing you with the data and clarity of your actual state every time.

But the most important thing is that all this helps you rise your agility from the operational-tactical view (team level) to the strategic view (organizational level), giving you the ability to state your own Maturity Roadmap to make the continuous improvement nature of agility really effective.

itera is an AgilityHealth℠ partner, which means that we have the knowledge, experience and certified consultants to help you measure, learn, act, iterate and thus constantly evolve your agility in an effective way.

AgilityHealth℠ Radars, besides of helping you to measure the different dimensions of the health of your agile teams, groups of teams, programs, product lines and portafolios, they let you analyze tendencies and elevate impediments from the teams level to the organization, so the latter can address those items that if not resolved, frustrate and slow the teams as they are out of their reach.

Don’t settle with “doing agility“, go and turn the continuous improvement principle a tangible reality in your organization at all levels. With no obligation, let us listen what you have to tell, talk to you, and draw and make that Agile Maturity Roadmap a reality together for your company, so it can take the most out of your agility investments.

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