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First Agile Principle

Business Agility is turning into an strategic objective for companies, in a world of more demanding and technologically enabled digital customers. Those companies that develop the skills to deliver their products and services faster than their competitors, will lead their market and have more chance to survive. And even for those already leading the game, watch out… your competitors are coming light, quick and agile, looking for your stake.

That Business Agility is enabled through Agile Transformation (AT), which has to do with teaching your company to do certain things in a different way, evolving also some elements of its mindset. This way, AT becomes into a Cultural change that goes along with the development of new Technical and Methodological Skills, questioning some paradigms and adopting new forms of conceiving and developing new products and services.

At itera we are SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC) certified, meaning that we have the ability and capacity to help you adopt agility for your business to the higher level, but starting of course with your technical teams.

SAFe® starts with the teams, but matures incrementally to the point of involving Project Programs and even the Strategic Portafolio of your organization, effectively transforming Technology into a key ally towards the business objectives.

Do not settle with “doing agility“, transform your business at an enterprise level. With no obligation, let us listen what you have to tell, talk to you, and draw and make that Agility Roadmap a reality together for your company, so it can be able to confront the new challenges of a digital world.

For more information, download our Agile Transformation Brochure 2017-2018 
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